Once upon a time.....

Planet Earth is a product design, trading and manufacturing company based in Hong Kong. Nora Yeung, Managing Director is also the founder of this dynamic company which, originally was a spin off from her family business of manufacturing and exporting licensed products such as Disney and Warner to their licensee customers in USA, Canada, U.K. and Australia. Zanwell Toys Factory specializing in plastic injection, rotational and blow molding was started in China in 1985 by Nora's father.

In 1995, Nora started offering customers from her family business other products and sourcing services. With a diverse network of factories at hand which, were also owned by family friends and a growing international customer base, Planet Earth became a viable business unit of its own.

By 1997, Nora became restless and was out for a new challenge. This time, import, local sales and distribution. Planet Earth became the sole agent for a UK brand of natural bodycare products called Montagne Jeunesse. 1n 1998, Planet Earth also took on the US brand NO-AD Sun care products and successfully launched both brands into the two largest retail chains in Hong Kong, WATSON'S and MANNINGS.

During this exciting period, Nora gained a whole new set of experience and had the opportunity to meet with agents and buyers from a similar but at the same time, completely different side of the Gifts and Toiletries industry.

Equipped with experience now from both the manufacturing and selling aspects, and the ability to vertically integrate her business, Nora felt Planet Earth was ready to create and launch its own brand of products. In 1998, Planet Earth created two brands of products. First, GROOVYPLANET, a line of groovy push pins and bulletin boards which made it's first sale directly to Toys 'R' Us in USA. Second, THE POWDER ROOM, a line of printed cosmetic sponges with 25 designs. With successful test results in the US market, both brands were trademarked worldwide and became serious business in 1999.

Since then, Planet Earth has received large orders for OEM/Custom design projects for the bulletin board and push pin line and GROOVYPLANET.COM is establishing itself as a portal site aimed at the lucrative teen market.

Seeing the potential in The Powder Room, Planet Earth has brought on board Design Diva, Jannette Mak, a very close and old friend of Nora's as partner and Creative Director of this fun project. The Powder Room is now a line of cosmetic accessories and Gift Sets launched around the world in Year 2000. From Bloomingdales and Nordstrom in the US, to Claire's and Top Shop in UK, Myers in Australia and Watson's in Hong Kong.

WHAT'S NEXT? "I think I've finally got enough on my plate to keep me super busy for the moment. Now its time to concentrate on all my pet projects to make sure it grows to its full potential. It has been a lot of hard work but I've also been very lucky with help from family, friends and associates. Serendipity has also been my fate and life is full of opportunities, so who knows what crazy ideas I will come across next!"